Does a Green Roof Benefit Your Commercial Building?

A green roof system as a viable commercial roof option might seem far-fetched. And though green roofs are already a multi-million dollar industry in Europe, with tons of green roofing products and services available, North America isn’t too up-to-date. 

Once we understand the benefits of green roofing systems to building owners, occupants, and the public, they’ll become the norm in no time.

Green Roof Advantages

Green roof systems are extensions of existing commercial roofs, involving top-quality waterproofing, root repellent, and drainage systems, filter cloths, lightweight and growing mediums, and plants. If you’re still unconvinced, here are more benefits of green roofing to commercial structures brought to you by professional roofers.

Rainwater Management

Green roofs absorb rainwater better by storing their substrates under the plants, where they’ll use it and return the water vapors into the atmosphere via evaporation and transpiration. Aside from that, green roofs can also moderate the water’s temperature, acting as a natural filter for runoffs.

Moreover, green roofs can decrease rainwater runoff while delaying its occurrence, reducing stress on your sewer or drainage system and rain gutters at peak flow periods during heavy rainfall.

Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI)

The UHI is where urban areas are warmer than the nearby rural places due to human activities. And these include construction, cars, and an overall more significant population. Green roofs can reduce UHI by doing many things such as:

Thanks to the daily dew and evaporation cycles, plants on commercial structures can help cool cities down during the hot summer months—reducing the UHI impact. Otherwise, the excess light absorbed by the vegetation on these roofing systems would convert into heat energy.

Energy Efficiency and Strength

Roofs on commercial structures are where the most significant amount of heat gets lost during the colder months and wear it stays, leading to high temperatures during the summer. The natural insulation given by green roofs reduces the energy required to moderate the temperature of commercial structures.

Moreover, green roofs provide improved strength and durability. As a result, you can expect them to last longer than your standard commercial roofs. And this added protection to your roof membrane protects it better against temperature fluctuations and horrible weather.

Finally, green roofs can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.

Improve Biodiversity and Marketability

Combining natural and eco-friendly designs with a reduction in energy costs and prolonged span, it’s not surprising to see green roofs can boost your property’s value.

The grasses, herbs, and host plants included in green roofing systems provide a livable place for birds, insects, and butterflies. And this is especially useful in a city environment mainly consisting of concrete and asphalt.

Reducing pollution and increasing water quality are among the many benefits green roofs offer, impacting the public’s opinion of your space alongside the owners.

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